On February 7, 2020, Paris School of Florist Trainer Martine Soulier had the following announcement to make:

Special Request: The class of BP22 of the Paris Florists School has been invited to a Floral Tattoo Show at the Porte de Versailles, where there will be a competition with an exceptional jury. I am asking you to realize and create floral accessories and a matching floral tattoo on one of your models, a classmate of your choice, for the tattoo show catwalk.

For this creation you will be supervised, guided, and directed for this masterclass by Cedric Exare, Floral Champion of France.

After a full day of work, here are the designs that the apprentices of BP22 created for the runway looks:

Skills, precision, practice, and above all patience are all you need to render life into your floral tattoo designs!