In the third week of an intensive 4-week floral course for a Paris School of Florists’ Adult Training session, the group of 19 took a trip to the bonsai greenhouses of the Vallée-aux-Loups in Châtenay-Malabry, where they were greeted by the century-old evergreen below:

After this wowing experience, they soon reached the bonsai greenhouses, where more awesome treasures awaited them . The first stop was in the temperate greenhouse to learn about the history, the background, and the stories related to these age-old bonsais or “penjing” for the Chinese, originators of this ancient art.

It was then time to visit the tropical greenhouse, where they were instructed about repotting, watering, care, and maintenance of these precious miniature landscapes.

The ideal time to visit the park, which is walking distance from the RER B Robinson stop, is in spring to appreciate all of its attractions. You can check it out at:
102 rue de Chateaubriand

For the bonsai visits call: 01 49 73 20 63 for information or 01 41 13 03 83 for reservations for a free guided tour